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Imminent release of the 19 plate

At McDonagh Motor Co, we specialise in the sales of premium used cars, ranging from BMW and Audi to Ford and Vauxhall. With March approaching, that can only mean one thing – the release of the 19 plate! A flurry of top-quality used cars will be traded in within the next few months we’ll be putting them up for safe at super-affordable prices, so be sure to keep an eye out!

As industry experts, we figured we’d give you a bit of a history lesson in license plates…

Licence plates were first introduced in the UK back in 1904 under the Motor Car Act, making them a legal requirement. To date, new car registrations are released every six months – March 1stand September 1st. The car registration helps you assess the quality of the car and how much the insurance will cost you.

Have you ever wondered what your number plate means? The first letter stands for the local area and the second letter identifies which DVLA office in that area the registration took place. The first two numbers state the year of the car such as ‘19’ and the last three numbers are a random combination that make the registration unique.

So, if you’re wanting to exchange or sell your car to invest in a coveted 19 plate, there’s only one place to go! Head down to the garage to speak to one of our staff for a free, no obligation quote. We also have a network of industry contacts that will pay a good price for your vehicle.